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The Why and How of Movement Calling: Creating Connection and Community

Our bodies are extraordinary-- and made to move. Our entire lives are in a constant state of activity⁠— we rush to and from work, run errands, and try to squeeze in a workout whenever we can. Amidst all this movement, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you're moving? What is driving your need for physical activity?

For us, this tribe, it's a feeling we are called to. To move; to sweat. We crave intensity for the body and presence for the mind. Picture a time when you were pushing your limits during a workout, your heart pounding, sweat dripping, and in that moment, feeling truly alive and present.

It's not just about the endorphin rush or the perfect body. It's about so much more than that. Approaching movement with intention can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and connection. When we mindfully move our bodies, we can connect with ourselves on a deeper level. This is true at the woo-woo level as well a biological truth.

When we work out on the mat, in the gym, on the boulder wall, in the water; and around the world, we improve the neuromuscular mapping of our brain to our bodies. We literally know ourselves better each time we flex and stretch our muscles. Think of the time you finally nailed that yoga pose or reached a new personal record, and the sense of accomplishment and self-awareness that came with it.

And that's just the mind-body connection. The mind-body-soul connection is where things get really interesting.

We know there are few things in life that can match the feeling of being present in your body, connecting with your breath, and moving with intention. It is a form of active meditation and is a kind of magic that has the power to transform.

Your movement calling is where you let your soul breathe. It's about finding ways to be in connection to your extraordinary body and using it to build confidence, trust, and resilience. Recall the moments when your movement practice helped you overcome challenges, both physical and emotional, and how it enriched your life.

I always find myself moving more mindfully and with greater intention when I have a community to support me. In class, on the court, or in the studio, here we show up for each other. We witness each other’s growth and celebrate every success--no matter how small. Picture the smiles, high-fives, and words of encouragement exchanged after a tough workout, and the bonds that form through shared experiences.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others by embracing the power of movement. Join me on this transformative journey, and don't forget to share this post with a friend who is on their wellness journey with you!

Lili, the founder of the Movement Calling movement, standing in a yoga pose

In love and lunges,



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